Дизайн и искусство от Сицилии до Ростовского кремля

Дизайн и искусство от Сицилии до Ростовского кремля
30.07.2019 10:00:00
Арт-резиденция «Диалог с «Зеленой полосой» с участием итальянских дизайнеров открывается в музее-заповеднике «Ростовский кремль». Среди двенадцати художников Академии дизайна Абадир (Сицилия) есть архитекторы, промышленные, графические, текстильные, диджитал- и арт-дизайнеры.

From the 29th of July to the 11th of August, the State Museum Preserve Rostov Kremlin, in Russia, will host twelve Sicilian designers, artists and students led by the architect Gianni Di Matteo, director of the Museum Network and the Natural Belicina and professor at the Abadir Academy in Catania. At the invitation of the director Natalia Stefanovna Karovskaya, the architect Di Matteo will coordinate three design workshops and two artist’s residences.

The project “Soyuz. Art and Design Residence at the Rostov Kremlin” was born in May 2018 when the architect Gianni Di Matteo, director of the Museum Network and the Natural Belicina and professor of Abadir, Academy of Design and Visual Arts in Catania, met Natalia Stefanovna Karovskaya, musicologist and director of the State Museum. Preserve Rostov Kremlin, in the Russian town of Rostov Velikij, on the Black Lake shores, about 200 km from Moscow.

The Kremlin of Rostov, with its white stone walls, the eleven towers, the golden-domed Dormition Cathedral and its famous seventeenth-century bells characterized by the unmistakable sound, second in beauty only to that one of Moscow and candidate to join the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, in addition to the permanent masterpieces collection of the Russian Avant-garde of the early twentieth century, boasts a collection of over 20,000 objects, the collection of icons and the famous miniatures on enamel of Rostov.

The cultural agenda, dedicated to guests from the Museum’s management, will be flanked by the conference “Sicilian case histories: Abadir, I-Design and Museum Network and the Natural Belicina”, the workshop on Visual and Product design “Poetry, an Italian reading of the Russian avant-garde” by designer Vincenzo Cancemi, the product design workshop “Souvenir in Rostov” by designers Massimo Barbini and Giovanni Salerno of Jpeglab Studio, the Graphic & textile design workshop “Beyond textile, experimental pattern design” by the designer Elena Scarlata and two artist residences, “videre”, Immersive installation by Dario Denso Andriolo and “Visual Hermeticism”, Collage and Storyteller, by Sara Vattano.

Five students and graduates of Abadir, Design and Visual Arts Academy will take part in the project: Laura Castronovo, Carla Garipoli, Alessandra Saporita, Emanuele Torrisi and Fabrizio Zito.

“Soyuz (in Cyrillic Союз) means “union” -says the architect Di Matteo presenting the initiative- and it is the name of a series of vehicles of the Soviet Union space program. For us it means union between cultures, union between Art and Design”.

The residence project will end the 10th of August with an exhibition and a public event in the central Bishop’s Yard, flanked on the left by the Cathedral Square and on the right by the Metropolitan Garden.